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Opening a TL-30 Amsec Safe

by | Dec 11, 2020 | Safes

Unlocking Security: Our TL-30 Safe Drilling Success Story

Bob’s Lock Safe and Key is not just about locks and keys; we’re about ensuring the security of our clients’ most valuable possessions. One of our recent challenges was to open this TL-30 safe. Here’s how we drilled open a formidable TL-30 safe with double doors, ensuring business continuity for one of our valued customers.

The Challenge: Open A Robust TL-30 Safe Because The Keypad Lock Failed

When it comes to safeguarding valuables, the TL-30 safe is among the top choices. Known for its rigorous U.L.-certified burglary protection and 120-minute fire protection, this safe doesn’t make it easy for anyone to gain unauthorized access. With features like a massive 6-inch thick door, a 3-1/2 inch thick body, and optional 3-way boltwork, it’s designed to stand firm against both criminal attacks and fire hazards. Proudly made in the USA, this model is a fortress in its own right.

The Mission: Precision Drilling To Maintain The Safe’s Integrity and Functionality

The task at hand was to open a TL-30 safe that had unfortunately become inaccessible due to a lock failure. The business relying on this safe was at a standstill, needing immediate access to its contents. Using our advanced drilling rig, our skilled technicians set out to perform what is known in our field as a “precision drill.”

The Process: Technical Expertise in Action

Drilling a safe like the TL-30 requires more than just power tools—it requires precision, patience, and expertise. Our technicians strategically identified the most effective drill points, which are critical in bypassing the safe’s robust security features without damaging the contents inside.

The drilling process generated a considerable amount of debris, which had to be meticulously cleaned out to avoid jamming the mechanism further and to prepare for the relocking process. It’s a delicate balance between applying enough force to penetrate the barrier and maintaining the integrity of the safe’s contents.

The Result: Access Granted

After hours of careful drilling and cleaning, the double doors of the TL-30 were successfully opened. Our team’s ability to handle such a complex security challenge under pressure ensured that the business operations could resume without further delay. This operation required not only physical tools but also an in-depth understanding of safe lock mechanics—a testament to the training and expertise of our technicians at Bob’s Lock Safe and Key.

Why Choose Bob’s Lock Safe and Key?

This project is a prime example of why businesses and individuals across Salt Lake City trust us for their security needs. With several walk-in locations, a safe discount outlet store, and mobile service capabilities, we are equipped to handle emergencies promptly and efficiently. Our commitment to excellence is matched by our use of professional-quality hardware and our dedication to customer satisfaction.

Secure Your Assets with Confidence

Whether it’s a residential safe for personal treasures or a commercial-grade vault like the TL-30, trust Bob’s Lock Safe and Key to provide not just access, but peace of mind. Our expertise in safe cracking is complemented by our comprehensive range of locksmith services and security solutions. If you’re facing a lockout or need expert advice on securing your valuables, don’t hesitate to contact us. Let us help you keep your treasures safe and secure, with every measure of protection available.

At Bob’s Lock Safe and Key, we don’t just unlock doors—we secure futures. Call us today to find out how we can assist you with your security needs.

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