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Honda Locks Rekeyed

by | Nov 15, 2023 | Automotive

Bob’s Lock, Safe & Key Can Rekey and Repair Honda High-Security Ignition and Door Locks

If you find yourself in a position where the lock cylinder, most commonly the driver door or ignition, is not turning, you may need a rebuild. Call us at 801-966-6767 to discuss and schedule!

This is an example of how that process will look:

  1. Honda utilizes relatively thin, fragile wafers in their cylinders that are liable to wear down and break over time; it’s a very common issue. This causes the cylinder to seize up, and the key stops turning or gets stuck in the lock altogether.
  2. Our mobile technicians head to the site where the vehicle is immobilized (unless the customer is able to bring the vehicle into our shop).
  3. The technician disassembles the door panel or ignition housing assembly, depending on which lock needs repairs, and pulls the lock cylinder out.
  4. The technician then takes the lock cylinder to the workbench and begins disassembling it entirely.
  5. Often, when the wafers in the cylinder are worn out, it’s due to the key itself also being worn. We always recommend getting a new key at the same time and include that in our basic rebuild price, because if you continue to use a worn key on a freshly rebuilt ignition, the wafers will wear out again and can break once more. (While it’s cheaper to go without a new key, refusing this option does void the warranty.)
  6. We decode the key or pull the numbers off the pins in the lock to get the OEM keycode, dump out the old/ broken pins, and reassemble the lock with fresh new pins.
  7. As each pin is placed in the lock, we ensure the key sits in it properly, and due to the alternating nature of Honda’s wafer design, we have to keep the pins in place while flipping the cylinder over to check the other side so they don’t fall out and make us start over.
  8. This process usually takes about 30 – 60 minutes.
  9. Once the lock is properly re-pinned, we reassemble it, ensuring the key turns properly every step of the way.
  10. The final step is to put the cylinder back in the door or ignition housing and put everything back together, and it’s ready to go!
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