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Installing Master Key Systems in Salt Lake City, Utah

Many businesses, schools, medical facilities, and multi-unit residential buildings in and around Salt Lake City, UT, use master key systems because they reduce the costs of changing locks and provide flexibility for future expansion. They provide a convenient and secure way to control access to different building areas while minimizing the number of keys needed, making life much easier for property management and other maintenance staff who access many different rooms or apartments daily.

At Bob’s Lock Safe and Key, we specialize in providing master key systems tailored to each client’s unique needs. We’re here to help you streamline your access control and reduce the costs of lock changing and key cutting. We also provide restricted high-security keyways for that extra layer of security.

What is a Master Key System?

Apartment building master key system

In this apartment building, the master key system greatly streamlines access for the maintenance and property management staff.

A master key system is a hierarchical keying system that offers different levels of access within a property. While each key can only open specific locks, one master or grandmaster key can open all the locks in the system.

This type of system is especially useful for businesses, schools, and organizations with multiple access levels. A good example that most of us are familiar with is an apartment complex. In this diagram, each of the six units has a unique key, but the “M” Master Key can access all 6 apartments plus any storage rooms and sheds. This results in much smaller keyrings and less hassle for maintenance and property management staff. While many properties may not have it, the “FD” is a Grand Master key which allows the Fire Department to open all doors.

Learn About The Great Benefits of a Master Key System

Investing in a master key system for your Salt Lake City business or property can offer numerous benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Security: With a master key system, you have control over who can access different areas of your property.
  • Convenience and Efficiency: Instead of carrying a large set of keys for all the different doors around your property, the master key allows you to access all locks with just one key. This saves time and minimizes the risk of lost or misplaced keys.
  • Cost Savings: A master key system is more cost-effective because it requires fewer keys. It also prevents you from having to rekey an entire building if a key is lost or stolen or a break-in occurs.
  • Customizable Access Control: With sub-master and restricted keys, you can customize access control for your building depending on individual needs or departments.
  • Peace of Mind: With a master key system, you can rest easy knowing you have improved your property’s security and reduced the number of keys you have to keep track of.

Why Choose Bob’s Lock, Safe & Key for Your Master Key Systems

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider hiring us for all your master key system needs:

  • With over 50 years of experience serving clients in and around Salt Lake City, we have a reputation for providing exceptional residential locksmith, commercial locksmith, automotive locksmith, and safe locksmith and security services.
  • In addition to being licensed, insured, and bonded, all of our technicians are friendly, reliable, and honest professionals.
  • We only use the best professional-grade hardware, key blanks, and parts from top industry manufacturers, including Ilco, Key Innovations, GLS, Alarm Lock, Medeco, Master Lock, and more.
  • We offer competitive pricing without compromising on quality. We also provide a 30-day labor warranty and manufacturer’s warranties for all hardware and parts we use.
  • We have several store locations for walk-in convenience, plus a fleet of vans that provide convenient, reliable mobile service.
  • We provide 24-hour emergency lockout service for home, car, and commercial clients.

Need a Master Key System? We’ve Gotcha!

Don’t leave the security of your Salt Lake City business or other commercial property to chance. Whether you need a master key system for your school, condo complex, or medical facility, Bob’s Lock Safe and Key has the skill and experience you’re looking for. We can design and install a system, rekey locks, cut new keys, and provide routine maintenance to keep everything working in tip-top shape for years to come.

Call us at 801-966-6767 or email us to learn more about our master key systems or to schedule a consultation.

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