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Door & Gate Security Services

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Door & Gate Security Services

Need a door and gate locksmith? The Bob’s Lock, Safe & Key team goes above and beyond typical locksmith services. Our specialists work with lock hardware on gates and doors, including: storefront glass aluminum frames, roll-down storefront gates, steel or wood gates and doors for commercial or residential properties.

Access Control

Control who can enter your property through your gates and doors. We offer key card access systems and other keyless entry devices, such as PIN code locks. Our technicians can diagnose and repair your existing systems too. Learn more about our access control options and other commercial services.

Frequently Asked Questions

We can send a technician out to your site to do a walkthrough with you and find what system works best depending on the volume of employees or people who will be coming in and out of the door(s) you are securing.

Access security provides an additional step of security that goes beyond what standard door and gate locks offer. Card access systems with audit trails allow you to see what card users have accessed which doors at which times. Many commercial code locks offer the same. If you have us install one of our Patented high security key systems, you can also control who is able to make copies of your store’s keys.

It is not recommended to try to DIY something as complex as a security system, especially if doors need “fresh installs” (which is where the doors/frames need to be drilled or cut out to accommodate the new hardware.) Our locksmiths and security specialists have years of training and expertise in the field under their belts, and might be able to see something that you can’t. It’s always recommended to use a professional first, to avoid any additional hassle!