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Want To Save Money? We Offer a 10% Discount for Military, Fire Fighters, Police, and Seniors.

Security Safes

Protect your valuables with our large inventory of high-quality safes! Come visit either of our locations, and we can show you what’s available for commercial or residential use. Our selection offers many sizes to protect your items from theft and fire.

Need a heavy safe moved up or down your stairs? Need one opened because you lost the combination? We can help! Our technicians are trained to fulfill your security service needs. We even buy and sell used ones!

Types for Sale:

  • Business
  • Residential
  • Fire Resistant
  • Electronic
  • Floor & Wall
  • Depository
  • Gun Vaults
  • And More!

Car Keys

  • Openings (lost
  • combination)
  • Moving
  • Combination Change
  • Safe Rental
  • Break-In Repair
  • Locks Replaced
  • Convert Locks to Electronic
  • We Buy Used!

Now Partnered With Discount Safe Outlet

Bob’s is partnered with the #1 outlet in Utah for new and used safes for your home, business and more. Additionally, it’s conveniently located next to our West Valley location at 3140 West 3500 South, Unit A; West Valley City, UT 84119.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many different types and models of safes, but the most common type that locksmiths open is the dial safe. Dial safes have a knob on the front that you turn to the left or right to open. The second most common type of safe is the keypad safe. Keypad safes have a keypad on the front that you use to enter a code to open. The third most common type of safe is the biometric safe. Biometric safes use your fingerprint to open.

If you’re having trouble opening a locked safe, you can try a few things. Make sure that you use the correct key or code. If you’re still having trouble, try using a lubricant on the key or dial to help it turn more smoothly. You can also try using a stethoscope to listen for the sound of the tumblers falling into place as you turn the key or dial. If all else fails, you can always call a locksmith to help you open the safe.

The cost of having a locksmith open a safe will vary depending on the safe and the difficulty of opening it. For example, if you have a dial safe, it will typically cost less than a keypad or biometric safe. If your safe is particularly difficult to open, it may cost more. Always call ahead to estimate the cost before having a locksmith come to your home or business.