Key Duplication

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Comprehensive Key Duplication Services in the Salt Lake Valley

Key duplication is among the most popular services we provide at Bob’s Lock, Safe & Key. Whether you want extra copies of a key for your front door lock, filing cabinet, bike lock, car, or skeleton key for an antique cabinet or lock, we’ve got you covered. We can also originate (make from scratch) new keys for you when all copies have been lost.

duplicating a high-security car key

When we duplicate a remote head key, we cut the key blade first and then program the remote to synch with the car’s onboard computer.

At Bob’s Lock, Safe & Key, we can make copies of any type of key. If you need a duplicate key, just bring it to one of our three shops or call us for mobile service. We can have most key copies ready within a few minutes and make as many copies as you need. Here are some of the types of keys we can duplicate for you:

  • Standard Metal Keys: We can duplicate all types of standard one and two-sided metal keys for door locks, vintage cars, mailboxes, suitcases, filing cabinets, padlocks, and more.
  • Automotive Keys: We can duplicate (and program) car keys for domestic and foreign vehicles, including chip keys, transponder keys, remote head keys, flip keys, laser-cut keys, dimple keys, and Tibbe keys.
  • Specialty Keys: We can make copies of tubular keys for motorcycles and bike locks and Tibbe keys for Ford Transit vans. We can duplicate safe and vault keys, dimple keys, skeleton keys, keys for backpacks and duffle bags, and more.

If you have a key and you’re unsure if it can be copied, stop by one of our three shops or email us a photo or two of the key, and we’ll let you know if we can.

What if You Lose Your Only Key?

Key replacement for a duffel bag

An out-of-town customer came by our shop because she left the key to her duffel bag back home. We were able to quickly make a new key and had her back on the road in just a few minutes.

If you lose the last copy of a key, we can replace it and make as many extra copies as you need. When we originate (make from scratch) a key for you, we use a specialized tool that decodes/reads the lock cylinder so we know what pattern to cut into a new key. Some locks will have the keycode printed on the face—this is common on truck shells and toolboxes—and this code can also be used to make a new key.

We highly recommend making copies of your most important keys so you always have a replacement in emergencies. Giving a copy of your house and car keys to a trusted neighbor or friend can be a real lifesaver if you lock your keys in the house or car!

Why Choose Bob’s Lock, Safe & Key?

  • Expertise & Experience: With over five decades in the industry, our expertise is unmatched. Our technicians are well-versed in duplicating all types of keys, including laser-cut high-security automotive keys, and we guarantee they will work perfectly for years to come.
  • Quality Assurance: We use professional-grade key blanks and industry-standard key-cutting equipment to ensure every copy we make is an exact duplicate of the original. We also provide a 30-day labor warranty and all manufacturers’ warranties for every duplicate we make.
  • Our Mobile Service Comes to You: If you aren’t near one of our store locations, our mobile locksmith service will bring the locksmith shop to you! Our fleet vans are outfitted with everything we need to take care of your key duplication and other lock and key needs.
  • Cost-Effective Solutions: We use the same key-cutting equipment and tools as car dealerships, but our automotive key duplication services are typically much more affordable. Our mobile service is also much more convenient.

Ready to Duplicate Your Keys Quickly?

If you’re in Salt Lake City, UT, and need key duplication services, look no further than Bob’s Lock, Safe & Key. Our friendly, reliable, and professionally trained technicians are ready to provide efficient and precise key duplication services. From car keys to house keys and even specialized ones like high-security or transponder keys, we’ve got you covered.

Our commitment to using professional-quality equipment, tools, key blanks, and other parts and hardware ensures that your duplicated keys are accurate and durable. Plus, our mobile locksmith service means we can come to you, making the process even more convenient.

Don’t let the hassle of lost or broken keys slow you down. Call us at 801-966-6767 and experience the convenience, quality, and peace of mind that come with our key duplication services!

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