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Key Duplication Services in Salt Lake

Key duplication is among the most popular services that locksmiths offer. At Bob’s Lock, Safety & Security, we can duplicate any type of key – from traditional metal keys to electronic fob keys. We can even create custom keys for special applications.

If you need a key duplicated, just bring it to our shop or give us a call, and we’ll take care of it. We can usually have your new key ready within a few minutes. And if you need more than one copy, we can make as many copies as you need.

So whether you’re looking for a spare key for your home, car, and office or need a bunch of keys made for your employees, Bob’s Lock, Safety & Security is here to help. Come see us today, and we’ll take care of your key duplication needs!

What If You Lose Your Only Key?

If you lose your only key, we can still make a new one for you. We can create a new key from scratch using the lock cylinder from your door. This process is usually more expensive than simply duplicating an existing key, but it is still cheaper than buying a new lock.

We can also make a new key from the serial number of your lock. This is the best option if you have lost your only key and you do not have the cylinder from your door.

Key Duplication Benefits

Is key duplication still important these days? In this digital age, it may seem like keys are a thing of the past. But the fact is, keys are still very much in use – and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon. Here are four benefits of having your keys duplicated:

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Having a spare key can be a lifesaver if you ever lose your primary key. Instead of calling a locksmith or waiting for someone to bring you a spare, you can use your duplicate key to get back into your home or office.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that you have a spare key can give you peace of mind if you ever lose your primary key. Instead of worrying about being locked out, you can relax knowing that you have a backup.


In some cases, having a duplicate key can improve your security. For example, if you have a keypad entry system, you can give each employee their own code and then keep a master key in case of emergencies. This way, you can change codes if an employee is terminated or if you suspect that someone might have stolen a key.


Duplicating keys is often much cheaper than having new keys made. In many cases, all you need is the blank key – which can be sourced from a local hardware store or online. And if you have an electronic key, duplicating it is as simple as copying the code from one fob to another.

Why Choose Us to Duplicate Your Keys?

To get emergency help for a lockout or to get key copy services, reach out to Bob’s Lock Safe and Key today. Our key-cutting experts make keys from scratch and provide high-security keys by code, ensuring that regardless of how simple or complex your needs, we have the solution for you. Ask about our discounts for military, police, fire and seniors customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

In most cases, we can have your new keys ready within a few minutes. However, if you need a large number of keys made, it may take us longer to complete your order.

In most cases, yes – we will need the original key in order to make an accurate copy. However, if you have an electronic key, we may be able to copy the code without the need for the physical key.

Yes – we offer significant discounts for large orders of keys. If you need ten or more keys made, please get in touch with us for pricing information.